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Innovation in wind turbine servicing

Leading the way with cost effective solutions

In this modern industry, techniques for the servicing of wind turbines and rotor blades have seen huge advancements. Our experienced team of engineers lead the way, considering how any innovation in the industry can deliver greater efficiency and provide overall improvements to safety and speed for our clients, when it comes to our technicians carrying out any servicing of turbines and MET towers.

With a desire for continuous improvement and enhancing best practice, our engineers use their vast experience of working at height on numerous projects both onshore and offshore, to deliver a significant number of new practices and procedures which result in the improvement of health and safety for our team in this dangerous industry, whilst improving efficiency for our clients at the same time.

This leading approach has enabled us to provide a safer, quicker service, minimising downtime and ultimately increasing the energy production for our clients from their wind assets. If maintenance and servicing costs decrease, the total operating cost per mw for our clients can also be reduced, ultimately allowing a far greater return on investment.

Examples of how Genero Renewables has adopted innovative engineering techniques to provide significant savings to clients includes:

  • Limpet
  • Blade inspection & repair
  • Turbine installation
  • Writing new work instructions and procedures

For further information on any of the above examples, please don't hesitate to contact us to speak with a member of our experienced team.

If you're looking for a partner to support the installation, testing and maintenance of your wind turbines, talk to us at Genero Renewables.  We'll assess any existing operational problems and discuss solutions to provide a cost-efficient, reliable service for the future.  Call us now on 0845 000 1020 or email us with more details and we'll be in touch.