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Wind Turbine Maintenance Services

To ensure your wind turbine is operating to maximum efficiency, Genero Renewables provides a comprehensive range of maintenance services.

Using a variety of access techniques, analysis tools and reporting methods our highly skilled engineers are available to provide the wind turbine maintenance services you need, either for reactive or corrective maintenance when turbines are failing to perform; or a prevantative maintenance service, using a planned, scheduled approach designed to minimise failures and keep your turbine active.

Wind turbines require regular maintenance

Maintaining any asset requires an ongoing programme of preventative maintenance and the wind energy industry is no different. The lack of continuous, proactive maintenance will result in deterioration through damage, attrition and the wear and tear of components and machinery. If these are not rectified, the issues will lead to loss of efficiency, yield and ultimately turbine failure. The unscheduled turbine downtime and loss of revenue to the wind farm owner can be considerable.

Reactive wind turbine maintenance and repair

Skilled, experienced, knowledgable engineers are available 24/7 to provide urgent support to provide corrective maintenance to your wind turbine.

With many wind turbines in the field, there are a variety of manufacturers components which can fail. Each failure requires a systematic approach to assess the cause of the problem to ensure that repair is carried out fully and efficiently.

Various inspection technologies are deployed to quickly assess why failures are occuring and engineers are on hand to carry out urgent, corrective maintenance to ensure your wind turbine is fully functional as quickly as possible. Genero Renewables' wind turbine engineers are experienced in troubleshooting and carrying out urgent repairs to wind turbines both onshore and offshore.

Scheduled preventative maintenance

A proactive wind turbine maintenance service to ensure your turbines keep spinning.

Early corrective maintenance

On conducting preventative maintenance, the Genero engineers can often provide an early indication of where additional specialist corrective maintenance will be required, for example a potential turbine failure or major repairs to rotor blades and gearboxes. These can be quickly scheduled in thereby minimising the length of downtime associated with waiting for a response team to be available.

Maintenance care package

The Maintenance division at Genero Renewables work with asset owners to reduce the need for corrective maintenance and to reduce the downtime caused by machine failure. An Genero Renewables asset maintenance care programme minimises the levels of downtime, caused by wear and tear of components, machinery and the external elements.

Our experienced and skilled engineers provide a service to preserve your turbines performance by developing a preventative maintenance strategy. Tasks are planned, scheduled and performed on a routine basis. This reduces the need for corrective maintenance, often called Failure Based Maintenance.

Preventative maintenance is carried out under a contract with the turbine owner (either an OEM, Utility or IPP) or the asset manager responsible for managing the wind farm and turbines.

Genero Renewables provide impartial expertise to asset owners and bring a level of maturity and knowledge, essential in this market. The team includes competent engineers used to working both onshore and offshore, experienced in working to strict health, safety, quality and environmental standards.

Genero Renewables Preventative Maintenance Care Programme for Wind Turbines

Typically, the Genero Renewables preventative maintenance care programme covers:

  • Routine inspections
  • Remote condition and performance monitoring
  • Overhaul and life cycle maintenance
  • Surveys
  • Lubrication of parts
  • Checks and testing of parts and equipment including:
    • Generators
    • Hydraulic Systems
    • Rotor blades
    • Yaw and Main drives
    • Pitch systems
    • Electrical systems
    • Brake pad wear
    • Bearings
    • Access & Egress systems
    • Safety Equipment
  • Vibration analysis of gearbox, generator, shaft and bearings
  • Turbine tower cleaning and painting
  • Blade cleaning
  • Regular replacement or repair of components
  • Recommendations for corrective maintenance

Please phone 0845 000 1020 or contact one of our engineers now if you have an your urgent corrective maintenance or wind turbine failure issue, or if you would like to discuss how a planned preventative maintenance wind turbine care package can work for you.