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Assembly and installation of wind turbines

Scalable expertise 

A skilled team, experienced in working at heights is available to install and erect wind turbines from leading manufacturers including Vestus, Siemens or Vensys. Covering both onshore and offshore installation of wind turbines and MET towers, we have a proven track record of installing multi megawatt wind turbines on large wind farms through to smaller installations from one mega watt output.

The team of engineers at Genero Renewables are able to provide the skilled labour and support you need to install your wind turbine to provide the maximum performance you are looking for. Working with your own team of engineers and designers we will liaise to ensure wind turbines are installed onsite in the optimum position to maximise performance.

The full wind turbine installation service covers:

  • Labour service for the primary assembly and installation of the turbine or tower
  • Service lift, fall arrest and climb assist installation and commissioning
  • Telemetry equipment installation
  • Mechanical completion
  • Full tooling packages covering high torque equipment
  • Electrical completion prior to connection to the grid
  • Instrument installation
  • Tower and nacelle cleaning and painting
  • Blade inspection and repair 

Working as an experienced contractor, Genero Renewables can take on a variety of installation projects ensuring safe working practices are followed at all times and clients’ briefs are delivered on time and on budget.

Using our own in-house innovative technology to improve installation techniques, we have a track record of installing wind turbines safely and efficiently. Recent key projects include erection of the tallest wind turbine in the UK and two 149 metre wind turbines recently installed in both Buckingshire and Bedfordshire for Vensys.

Once the wind turbine has been installed, testing completed and the project been satisfactorily handed-over, Genero Renewables provides a range of planned preventative maintenance service options to keep the wind turbine operating efficiently in the future.

Please contact one of our engineers to discuss your next installation project. We'll be happy to advise on how we can support your business.