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Innovation in wind turbine installation and maintenance

As a leading contractor for wind turbine operations and maintenance, Genero Renewables provide a flexible range of engineering solutions, tailored to improve the efficiency and performance of our clients' wind turbines. We're acutely aware that any downtime of wind turbines affects the asset owners' productivity and profitability. Therefore, our engineers have developed a continually evolving range of solutions to overcome re-occuring industry problems which affect turbine performance.

The design team at Genero Renewables work tirelessly with manufacturers and other strategic partners to develop bespoke engineered products to overcome a range of in-situ problems which result in poor turbine performance and increase downtime. These products can easily be retro-fitted to provide significant cost efficiencies for clients.

Carrying out services on wind turbines both onshore and offshore, across varying turbine types and sizes and in varying conditions has led our experienced engineers to develop new ways to improve our servicing and maintenance offering. Using this leading combination of engineering design, new processes and procedures, means our range of innovations provide significant enhancements to working safely at height resulting in cost savings for our clients through improved efficiencies in working practices. Our engineering innovations have improved service offering and the resulting outcomes for our clients in numerous ways, covering aspects such as blade inspection and repair and turbine installation.

If you have a technical issue which requires an innovative solution, contact Genero Renewables to discuss in further detail with our engineers in order for us to tailor a solution that's right for you. Call us on 0845 000 1020 or email us with more information.